Relationship centered aphasia programs are developed to provide clients the opportunity to commit to intense and purposeful rehabilitation. Sessions are provided 4 days a week for 3 hours a day, for 2-3 consecutive weeks. In addition, it is recommended that clients attend  group sessions at Triangle Aphasia Project, Unlimited.  The luxury of extended sessions allows clients to optimize engagement and consistency.  The core of RCAP integrates  different relationships in your life to enhance communication with more than one person.  
Skilled sessions are client driven and tailored to maximize an individual's communication success. Each RCAP begins with a 30 minute intake with the client and care partners, to establish personal areas of interest, baseline skills, current and future goals.
All sessions include use of a client’s individual strengths and strategies to promote maximum communication through all language modalities in a variety of contexts. Sessions include life participation goals in and out of the treatment room, communication partner training, use of technology, and music therapy options. Programs are  scheduled on a monthly basis. 
Skilled and structured intervention with an experienced Speech Language Pathologist can improve rehabilitation success. Research demonstrates that frequency and consistency strengthens language outcomes because:
·      Aphasia improves. 
·      There is NO PLATEAU in aphasia recovery.
·      NEUROPLASTICITY is real – your brain continues to grow and recover!!
·      Your brain can learn to do new things. 
·      Repeating learned skills enforces change.
Research demonstrates greater improvement in aphasia when treatment is conducted for at least two hours a day for at least two weeks. 
You may read more about the importance of intensity HERE.
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