ICOMMUNICARE’s relationship centered program is tailored to maximize an individual's communication. A shared decision making approach acknowledges the importance of client goals. This includes more than the relationship between client and clinician in order to promote successful communication along a continuum.  RCAP is designed for clients and their care partners who are able to commit to intense rehabilitation so they may find a "new normal" for communication success.  ​RCAP becomes "OUR" program; something shared among everyone involved in the rehabilitation process. 
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With a focus on the Life Participation Approach to Aphasia (LPAA), RCAP offers a combination of therapeutic intervention, counseling, and care-partner training. Intensive, interactive sessions with an expert Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) provide communication goals and tools for all language modalities (speaking, writing, reading, understanding). The unique approach is asset-based, empathic, expressive, and relational to optimize success for every client – beyond a traditional therapy setting.  Programs include "real-life" opportunities to use communication strengths and gains with a SLP in places of client interest, e.g., coffee shop, hardware store. 
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Aphasia does not just affect the person who has it.  Everyone in the person's life is impacted and it is important to maintain relationships.