“Abbe came to us at a very dark time and brought light into our lives. My wife had suffered a stroke resulting in severe aphasia at 48 years old. Abbe’s kindness and perseverance in finding the best way to approach my wife’s almost complete loss of language helped her to see a path to recovery. She looked forward to seeing Abbe as a visit from a friend, they talked about everything in a way that didn’t feel like therapy even though it was. We are forever grateful to her and highly recommend her."
Robert M., Nanuet, NY
"We have had the good fortune to have met Abbe almost five years ago.  My husband Thomas had a L sided CVA which left him with Aphasia and Apraxia.   Abbe was one of his first SLP’s after rehab.   Abbe informed Thomas and I that his Aphasia would improve but it would take work.   Abbe was and is always patient, motivating , encouraging. Abbe introduced a technique  “scripting”. Thomas regained  his voice.  It seemed like this technique improved his ability to retrieve words and sometimes even speak in  small sentences. He continues to struggle with aphasia and apraxia but Abbe has been a godsend with her constant encouragement, enthusiasm patience , solid clinical skills! "
Donna C., Cary, NC
"I  first met Abbe Simon in July 2015 when I was sent to her for speech therapy after having a stroke. I was a little nervous not knowing what was in store, but in less than a few minutes she made me comfortable and at ease. The sessions with Abbe lasted about 12 weeks. She takes a personal interest in each of her clients’ recovery. She was instrumental in my recovery, showing patience and always making sure I understood the details and objective of each session. After my overall therapy sessions ended, she encouraged me to continue and introduced me to the Triangle Aphasia Project (TAP) where I enrolled for two classes a week. Over time, Abbe encouraged me to do more and now I’m a volunteer at TAP. I thank Abbe for helping me recover and enabling me to live with my now mild Aphasia.
Abbe is a very caring person. She gets to know her clients, not just as clients, but as a person. She takes the extra time to acquaint herself with their families and will do anything and everything to assist in bringing her Aphasia clients back into their own comfort zones."
Lin D., Apex, NC
"As a music therapist, Abbe and I have been co-treating a group of approximately 15-20 adults challenged with aphasia for four years. Working with and learning from Abbe is an absolute privilege. Clinically, Abbe is an expert. She is knowledgeable, talented, creative and passionate. Abbe creates an atmosphere that is engaging, encouraging yet challenging. She is serious about presenting experiences that challenge her clients yet does so in a fun, non-threatening manner that encourages people to give their best and try things that may seem daunting. She challenges, encourages, and celebrates successes all while being authentic and respectful.  As much as she challenges her clients, Abbe also challenges her co-workers (me!) as well as herself.  She is committed and driven to provide top quality services in a way that truly meets the needs of people challenged with aphasia. She is a true gift."
Paula Scicluna, MA, MT-BC
"Abbe Simon has a magical ability to see the potential in every client.  She challenges each one to do his or her best, and with honesty and humor, somehow makes the hard work fun.  She wastes no time, getting right to the business of finding the keys that can unlock speech and memory."
Melanie M., Wilson, NC
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